Baby Yeast Infection Symptoms

It’s criminal isn’t it. You finally get used to having your new baby around and are just settling into life with them when baby stops feeding properly and you notice a rash on their bottom or in their mouth. No matter what you do it won’t go away and suddenly life with baby begins to turn ‘pear-shaped’.

If your baby is a bit grizzly and has a pimply rash on its bottom that just won’t go away or it has white spots in its mouth then sorry, these are classic baby yeast infection symptoms.

There is a solution and we’ll get into that a little later, but let’s find out your bub got theirs.

There are 4 ways that babies can end up with a yeast infection.

1) During the birthing process;

If the mother has a yeast infection in the urinary tract then they may pass the fungus onto their babies when giving birth.

2) During breastfeeding;

If the mother has a yeast infection then it is very easy for her to transmit it to her baby during the breastfeeding process. Similarly, if the bub has baby yeast infection symptoms in the mouth she can pass it back to her mother while feeding.

3) Hygiene;

By keeping diapers on longer than necessary you help to keep the area moist. This creates an ideal scenario for the Candida fungus to grow in. When changing the diapers make sure that you wipe downwards ie towards her bottom – where possible!

When bathing baby pay particular attention to the genital area, especially for girls.

4) Antibiotics;

While antibiotics do not cause baby yeast infection symptoms, they can cause a delay in the immune system of the baby. There are many children that are on antibiotics from the time they are born and these are very necessary so do not refuse them, but be aware that they do make bub more susceptible to yeast infections and take extra precautions. This may involve feeding them a specialist infant probiotic.

The same applies for mothers that are on antibiotics and breastfeeding. Don’t forget to take extra precautions against getting an overgrowth of Candida and include your baby in these.

Just because a baby has a rash on their bottom it does not necessarily mean that they have a baby yeast infection. But if the rash doesn’t respond to your usual diaper rash treatment – by that I mean that it is not visibly better by the next diaper change – and persists or gets worse then there is a good chance that it is Candida. The rash can even go over the pubic area and up onto the lower tummy.

Any sign of white spots in the mouth or any rash that does not clear up should be checked out by a medical professional.

What then?

Your doctor should be able to tell straight away if the baby yeast infection symptoms are caused by Candida or by something else. To be on the safe side he may take a small scraping of the skin and send it to the lab to confirm. Don’t worry, this is really painless and easy, your baby will not even feel it! He will then prescribe an anti-fungal medication for your bub.

Fortunately there are plenty of programs available to cure your yeast infection and stop the vicious cycle continuing. Check out Leigh Hunters Cure Yeast Infection Fast for both quick relief from the symptoms and total treatment. She also has a specific section for baby yeast infection symptoms.

Home Remedies

There are many home remedies for the relief of baby yeast infection symptoms, from the use of tea tree oil (very diluted – 1 drop to 2 liters of water), to colloidal silver, to cinnamon oil, yogurt or cider vinegar.  Aloe gel or a cool damp chamomile tea bag pressed to the area may also relieve the symptoms.

Remember, one of the best ways to prevent these baby yeast infection symptoms is to change her diaper regularly, the longer she stays in a wet diaper, the more the fungi like it.

If you or bub end up with a Candida infection, please ensure that you do seek medical advice and that you treat it quickly and thoroughly by following a recommended program like Cure Yeast Infection Fast

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