Candida Diet Recipes (it’s not that difficult)

Whether you need a Candida diet because you have a chronic Candida infection, because you have IBS, any other number of conditions or just because you are on a detox there is a plan of attack that will suit you and your lifestyle.

Now, I bet you have seen the list of foods for stage one of your Candida Diet and thought Whaaa..? I mean really, especially in stage one, what are you supposed to eat that is also practical and cheap?

In fact I nearly stopped the diet before I had begun!

Now I am no Gourmet chef. I have kids, a house to keep and a business to run. In fact the less time that I spend in the kitchen the better…. but I also had a chronic Candida infection that needed addressing, so I couldn’t afford NOT to get with the program.

Personally, I wanted Candida diet recipes that were fast to prepare, ingredients that were cheap to buy and that tasted great. You might want recipes that are a little more challenging or that are even suitable for dinner parties!

So anyway, I ran into a guy called Ryan Shea, who is kind of a guru when it comes to this sort of stuff – you name it, he has had it and dealt with it and boy did he make a difference to my opinion of the Candida Diet.

Now I know that many of you get frustrated by diets that just don’t work, but believe me, stick to this and you will see a massive benefit. This isn’t some weight loss diet where you can try all you like, the weight doesn’t come off… with a Candida diet you will start to feel and see results within the first couple of days!

But there is also far more that you can do than just going on a diet. Go listen to Ryan talk, hear what he has been through and how he has managed to combat almost 20 years of ill health.

Anyway, as a result my kitchen is stocked with really basic stuff and my Candida diet recipes are super simple but super effective.


My regular herbs are garlic, ginger, maybe parsley, a Thai herb mix that ‘MasterFoods’ bring out and if in doubt, add tomato!

Thanks to the plan that Ryan had put together, and the recipes from his book – I had a look at what we were allowed and put together a really simple eating plan – and just varied the flavor with each serving. I was even able to prepare food for a dinner party for my husbands birthday that stayed within the rules!

Each meal only has a few ingredients – but is really filling.

Candida Diet Recipes for Breakfast

Although you can make your own delicious muesli we started the day with a choice of either rolled oats or scrambled eggs.
(servings are for two)

Spicy Rolled Oat Porridge
Make porridge as per the instructions and serve with natural unsweetened yogurt and cinnamon. If you are allowing yourself fruit at this stage then grated apple, pear or berries are soooo yummy with the yogurt and porridge as well!

Scramble An Egg
4 eggs
½ C water
whisk well
Either pour into lightly greased frying pan and stir constantly until done or microwave uncovered on high for 2 minutes, whisk, cook for another 2 minutes and whisk until done. Add a teaspoon of butter and whisk until it has melted and mixed in.

If you want to turn this into a substantial lunch or dinner meal, then add parsley, peppers, chicken, celery, broccoli……kind of like a frittata without the fritter!

Candida Diet Recipes For Lunch/Dinner

Lettuce leaf wraps – I love this idea!
Get a large lettuce leaf
Fill it with shredded cooked meat, chicken, tuna, salmon etc
Add cucumber, peppers, alfalfa, avocado and other salad type stuff,
Drizzle over some lemon juice or sprinkle over your seasoning of choice
Roll the leaf up and eat!

Twist that Salad!
Get great variety by making up a basic salad of;
Lettuce, peppers, cucumber, avocado etc

When serving throw whatever cooked meat you have on top. One day it could be a chicken salad, the next it could be a lamb salad, the next a tuna salad or one day you could just have it seasoned without meat – gasp!

If you want to get even trickier then alter the topping to suit;
Eg; for my chicken, salmon or tuna salad I love to put a dessertspoon of cottage cheese on top and then drizzle lemon juice over the lot!
For a lamb salad I prefer to grab some of my Thai seasoning and sprinkle that over the cottage cheese.
Another favorite for lamb instead of cottage cheese is to mix mint, garlic and salt in with your natural unsweetened yogurt and drizzle that over everything.

The key here is to keep the salad simple – just 4 or 5 ingredients plus meat.

Everyone has their favorite vegetable soup recipe.
So make a big batch of it, but do not season it!

Every meal will be different if you serve the soup, add whatever meat you like and then add whatever seasoning suits that meat.
You can have Thai beef soup one night, Home-style chicken the next or Tuscan lamb the next just all from the one batch of soup!
Easy peasy!

Stir Fry Candida diet recipes are the same,
Do a large basic stir fry using your staple broccoli, cauliflower, onion and add one or two leafy greens – silverbeet, spinach, bok choy, cabbage etc. Again, keep it simple.

Once they are done, add different meat and seasonings to taste with each serving.
A hint here is that just because they are stir fried, the seasonings do not have to be Chinese based!
See what happens when you throw in some mustard, an egg or even sweet chili!

Candida Diet Recipes for Desserts

This is the sad part….If you are into dessert but are like me and don’t want to make your own elaborate crumbles or toppings, then you are probably only limited to;
Yogurt with berries or
Yogurt with oats and cinnamon in stage one.

The best idea is to swap dessert for a snack;

Nuts and seeds
Raw veges dipped in hummus or cottage cheese

If you want to bend the rules slightly then rice crackers or yeast, sugar, gluten, etc etc free toast with;
cottage cheese and cinnamon,
hummus as toppings are really, really good to finish the night on.

Flavorings for Candida diet recipes include;

Whole grain mustard
Tomato paste – unsweetened – check the label
Mayonnaise – check the ingredients for store bought
Lemon juice
Lime juice
Spices (just make sure that they are mild!)

When looking for food for Candida diet recipes, check your labels, focus on what you can eat and you will be surprised at how easy it is.

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