Curing Children Yeast Infection Symptoms


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Is your child driving you mad with her whining?

Is she grumpy as all hang?

Is she itchy?

Children yeast infection symptoms can be really subtle;

If your child is constantly itching between her legs, complains that between her toes hurts or has a rash in her bottom or around the genitals that just won’t go away, the chances are that she is experiencing one of the classic children yeast infection symptoms.

(There is another section that covers yeast infection symptoms in babies, so we’ll just be looking at the toddlers through to teenage years here).

Children Yeast Infection Causes.

By around age 3 the anti-bodies that a baby received from Mum’s breast milk are starting to wane. You’ll probably have noticed that they are getting more colds? This is because the child’s own immunity has started its solo flight and is beginning to develop. Coincidentally this is also the age that many kids start preschool or day care, so a whole new batch of bugs are being introduced to their fragile systems.

Don’t worry, their illness has nothing to do with being a bad parent or the fact that you have carpet that is 10 years or more old – unless you haven’t hoovered it in those 10 years! But this is a natural part of growing up. In fact they need small doses of these bugs so that their immune system can develop a full assault arsenal!

The good news is that your child’s immune system will be fully developed by around age 14 or whenever puberty has hit.

Until this time, they will struggle with some fungal overgrowths while their system finds the balance of bacteria that it needs to function efficiently. If the child has been on antibiotics this will affect the way that they are able to deal with the fungus, so extra care should be taken to prevent an infection.

During this time it is beneficial to follow a program that will help you prevent Candida in children. Yeast Infection cures that are especially designed for them can be really beneficial here.

Children Yeast Infection Symptoms

As with adults, rashes, itching and burning are the first signs of Candida in children. Yeast infection symptoms are harder to spot in a child because they may not be able to tell you, or may be too embarrassed to tell you that their bum or genitals ‘itch like crazy’ so you will have to be far more observant. Sometimes the only symptom of a yeast infection is that they are grumpier than usual!

  • The most obvious children yeast infection symptom is a rash. Usually around the genitals or on the bottom, but it may be anywhere on the skin or between the toes.
  • White spots in the mouth or a white coating on the tongue are signs of an oral infection.
  • Childhood illnesses such as eczema, hives, colic, diarrhea, ear infections and even asthma have been linked to chronic Candidiasis.

Children Yeast Infection Prevention

Preventing a yeast infection in youngsters is difficult, especially from a hygiene perspective. While they don’t understand the importance of wiping themselves properly, changing their undies regularly, eating a balanced diet, or the fact that having ‘white stuff’ on their breakfast is actually really good for them, it is important to persevere so that eventually they do have an understanding – hopefully without experiencing the full effects of Candida.

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While they may resent some of this at first keep going with your children. Yeast infection prevention is far better than having to treat for Candida, especially while they have limited communication skills. One day they just might thank you – but don’t hold your breath!

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