Compare Candida Treatments

When you are cruising through the net you will soon discover that there are a million and one Candida programs available that claim to be the best and /or fastest working Candida treatments.

To be honest, most are giving you a quick fix for your symptoms – think Tea Tree, Silver, Canestan and a whole host of other anti-fungal creams and medicines which are great for relieving your symptoms, but practically useless for permanently curing your infection.

But there are some Candida treatments that provide a complete program that are designed to cure your Candida from the inside out.

Now while this is the best way to get rid of your infection permanently, there are only so many ways that it can be done, so most of these programs are giving you the same information, just packaged up into different deals. They all have their benefits, but they all also take time to completely eradicate your infection.

Our reviewer Jamie McKenzie had a look at a few and here is how the top four Candida treatments available online stacked up against one another based on value for money, effectiveness and style of presentation. Be sure to also check out Jamie’s full reviews.


Best Overall Reference Guide

Yeast Infection No More
Author: Linda Allen
Website: Yeast Infection No More

Advertised Relief Time: 12 hours

There Are 2 Packages Available – Basic ($39.97) and Deluxe ($49.97)

Click Here To Go To ‘Yeast Infection No More’

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Best Value and Easiest to Implement Comprehensive Candida Treatment

How To Cure Candida
Authors: Ryan Shea
Website: How To Cure Candida

Advertised Relief Time: 12 hours

Package: There are 2 packages available – Basic ($30.97) and Deluxe ($59.97)

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Best ‘Quick Fix’

Cure Yeast Infection Fast
Author: Leigh Hunter
Website: Cure Yeast Infection Fast
Advertised Relief Time: 12 hours

Package: ‘Cure Yeast Infection Fast’ e-Book
Plus 4 Free bonus e-Books (valued at $93.90)
Plus Lifetime Membership
Price: $37.00

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Special Mention

A Special Mention needs to go to the Sarah Summer Yeast Infection Cure as the Least Expensive, but Still Great Value Candida treatment. Simple but effective.

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