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Author: Ryan Shea
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You know how there are a million and one candida cures on the market right now? All of them claiming to be the #1 cure for Candida?

Well, Ryan Shea’s ‘How to Cure Candida’ is actually one of the better ones.

At this point I would like to point out that there is no way that your infection will be cured in 12 hours BUT, there is every chance that your symptoms will have disappeared by then using the advice in this book. Getting a permanent cure for your infection takes far longer and a few more lifestyle changes – Just warning you :)

While most Candida cures focus on your symptoms, Ryan’s guide is designed to hit your infection from all angles so that you not only stop the infection, but also prevent it from returning.

How to Cure Candida takes you through all the stages of your infection, right from before you had any symptoms through to the systemic Candidiasis that can occur if your infection is left untreated for too long. He also tells you how things like heavy metal toxicity, parasites and lifestyle can all be contributing to your cycle of disease.

But better still, he also tells you HOW to stop the cycle and regain full health.

The How To Cure Candida 5 Step Program clearly tells you:

  • how the Candida fungus works,
  • how it spreads
  • how it affects your body
  • how to soothe those god-awful symptoms and
  • how to get your Candida back under control – permanently

It gives you several options for soothing those god-awful symptoms – and yes, they really do work in 12 hours – but most importantly it gives you a 5 step approach to getting rid of your Candida forever.

Part of the 5 step protocol for curing your Candida is by controlling your diet and eliminating the sugars and immune system irritants. The deluxe version is where the How to Cure Candida program really comes into its own because this includes the all important 150+ page recipe book. For those that have tried a Candida diet before, you will know that this really can be a bit trick at first, so this really makes life a whole lot more simple.

The advanced section on allergens and toxins was a real eye opener and I had a few ‘a-ha!’ moments as the link between my symptoms and certain food allergies was described.

The Cook Book

As you are probably aware, finding food that meets all the requirements of some of these programs can be a real mission. The deluxe version of ‘How to Cure Candida’ includes a cook-book that has simple recipes that are delicious and that won’t break the bank.

This is something that I would highly recommend. The Candida diet can be pretty tricky so having a detailed plan and diet program certainly saves you time and money trying to figure out what to eat, when.


The other thing that I liked about ‘How to Cure Candida’ was the 24 bonus booklets that were included with the deluxe edition.

Usually when there are free booklets involved they get filed under something obscure and lost in the thousands of other gigabytes of information that you’ll get to ‘later’. The ones on offer as part of the ‘How to Cure Candida’ deluxe edition were all related to Candida, other common health issues, or health in general and I found that I was looking forward to receiving 20 of the 24 booklets on offer.

How about a Guarantee?

Yes, there is an unconditional 60 day 100% money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied – no questions asked.

OK – So does the ‘How to Cure Candida’ program actually work?

I can say with ‘hand on heart’ that it absolutely worked for me.

My initial burning itch actually disappeared within minutes of one treatment and after 8 weeks on the program I felt great, my skin had cleared up, I had lost 8kg, oh, and I hadn’t even had a tingle let alone the burn that was interfering with ‘marital stuff’.

The main difference with Ryan’s program is that it combines the scientific theory with a good dose of common sense which makes for a really easy to follow program that is also highly effective. The support is also great and when I did e-mail the team I got a reply within 12 hours that was friendly, simple to understand and worked a treat!

I would like to say that there is a bad point, but I actually really enjoyed following this one and would have gladly paid full price without the added bonus features.

The How to Cure Candida eBook by Ryan Shea is ‘hands down’ the best system on the market for anyone who needs to get fast, effective relief from their Candida infection.

A well earned 5 stars from me.


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