Oral Yeast Infection Treatment

Got that ‘cotton wool’ feeling?

No matter how hard you brush it just won’t go away will it?

Guess what – this is a classic symptom of an oral yeast infection.

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Other symptoms that you have an oral yeast infection may include;

White spots or blisters that are painful, they may even bleed when they are scraped with your toothbrush. Usually these appear in the tongue and inner cheeks, but they may also spread to the tonsils, your mouth roof, the gums and even into the GI tract.

Bad breath – and I mean baaaad breath can be a very clear sign of an oral yeast infection.

Cracks at the corners of your mouth are a sign of many conditions but usually when combined with any or all of the above then they can also be a symptom of an oral yeast infection.

So, how do you get an oral yeast infection?

Your mouth is a pretty weird place right?

Or is it?

What do fungi like?  – That’s right, warm, moist places.

And where do the majority of the flora and bacteria involved in your immune system live? That’s right, in your digestive system.

And what many people forget is that the first step in the digestive process is, yup, you guessed it, your mouth! So when you get a Candida overgrowth your mouth is often the first to show symptoms of it.

With other external yeast infections some of the biggest causes are not washing or drying properly or wearing tight clothing, so how does that apply to an oral yeast infection?

Well usually an oral yeast infection is a little different. You obviously can’t keep your mouth dry, but you can ensure that it is as clean as possible by making sure that you brush regularly – i.e. at least twice a day and floss so that bad bacteria can’t take hold. If you wear dentures make sure that you clean them properly and that they fit well.

As Candida live in our mouths anyway what causes an overgrowth is more of an internal issue than topical.

An overgrowth will usually occur when the balance of bacteria that live in that digestive tract are upset – antibiotics, some drug treatments that weaken the immune system – like chemotherapy, medical conditions such as diabetes, poor diet, smoking and stress are all examples of factors which may cause this upset.

So What Is An Oral Yeast Infection Treatment?

Because an oral yeast infection is generally caused by an imbalance within your system you will need to follow a program that will teach you how to eradicate the Candida and restore the balance.

These programs can take about 12 hours to start working so in the meantime there are a number of ways that you can relieve some of the symptoms.

  • Make sure that you continue to clean and floss your teeth regularly
  • Swill colloidal silver around your mouth for 10 seconds and swallow.
  • You can eat sugar free yogurt – which will help relieve symptoms and help the good bacteria flourish again.
  • There are certain Anti-fungal medications and mouthwashes that you can try – not all mouthwashes seem to work in all cases.
  • Warm salt water mouth washes are also good for relieving the symptoms of an oral yeast infection.
  • Chewing fresh Parsley is a great way to disguise the bad breath that an oral yeast infection causes.

The most important way to handle an oral yeast infection is to seek treatment for the cause. Once a yeast infection is in any part of your digestive tract it is only a short trip to the rest of your internal organs and trust me, you do not want to experience systemic Candida.

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